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DataMetrics™ designs, develops and manufactures ruggedized computer workstations, ruggedized printers and ruggedized peripherals ranging from stringent military specifications to varying commercial standards. DataMetrics™ pioneered the development of high-speed, non-impact printers for tactical military applications. Building from this base the company has developed high performance, high-reliability electronic communications equipment for aerospace, defense, industrial and commercial markets.

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DataMetrics™ maintains comprehensive design engineering, build-to-print, and manufacturing capabilities; developing equipment for conformance with commercial, military, aerospace, and customer-specific performance specifications. Our plant has over 37,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity with in-house flow solder, conformal coating, and hardware assembly capabilities.

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DataMetrics™ Corporation (OTCBB: DMTI) was founded in 1962 as a high technology military engineering and consulting firm, and operated for over 30 years in California. In 1998 the company moved to its current headquarters in Orlando, FL. Over the last four decades, DataMetrics™ Corporation has become well know by the military, air transportation, and targeted industrial market sectors for producing state-of-the-art design, development and production of ruggedized printers/plotters, workstations and peripherals (computers, disk drives, tape drives, keyboards, trackballs and other equipment). Application-specific, as well as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) the products manufactured by DataMetrics™ are sold primarily for Department of Defense (DoD) applications.

Our product line capabilities range from the stringent requirements of military specifications (MIL-Spec), to the varying commercial standards. Datametrics™ pioneered the rugged products industry, and most recently the development of high-speed, non-impact color printers for tactical military applications. Ruggedized printers remain the core product of DataMetrics™, and the U.S. government (or the prime contractors to the U.S. government) remains its largest source of revenue. Building from this base DataMetrics™ has developed and manufactured other high-performance, high-reliability electronics communications equipment for aerospace, defense, industrial and commercial markets. DataMetrics™ has also become a value-added resource to our customers by bundling products to provide integrated systems. In addition DataMetrics™ offers engineering design services, and build-to-print capability that utilize our 40 years of experience.